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Updated awards

Finally got around to updating the awards on the site.

Left on the shelf all covered in dust…

I’ve been posting on our upcoming SDL Innovate event with a post on SDL.com, go and check my post called Left on the shelf all covered in dust…

PowerTools for 2011

The SDL Tridion PowerTools are now to receive a long overdue update and rebuild. The PowerTools are there to help with those little or essential tasks in SDL Tridion. You can see more on the Google Code site.

Announcing the Tridion Practice project

Dominic Cronin has release the Tridion Practice Project which is a is a community collaboration cookbook

Community Builder Award 2011

From SDL, I got a Community Builder Award for 2011. Like an MVP but for employees I am proud to get this, I hope I can continue the work I have done and then some more…

Not Just Another Tridion GUI Extension

Not Just Another Tridion GUI Extension… you’re not joking at all!

Community challenge; YouTube CME Extension

Read the YouTube CME Extension use case and how you can get involved at Chris Summer’s blog

Chris Summers: The SDL Tridion MVP Fondue Kit

Fellow Tridion MVP, Chris Summers has posted a sneak preview of what we did on the MVP meetup. Read more about it here.

Display the Item Xml via a Tridion GUI Extension

Another Tridion GUI extension from my co-worker Yoav. Keep ’em coming…

JQuery as a Tridion GUI extension

Cool coding goings on in the world of Yoav. Experiments with JQuery and the Tridion GUI.

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