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Experimenting with mobile

So I decided to add a mobile plug-in on this site so that the site is a little bit more readable on a mobile device. It says it looks nice on the iPhone and it does. I have no idea how it looks on any other device. Information would be appreciated!


Friend and coworker, Yoav, as released his Gravatar.NET version of the Gravatar public API. Looks good and fingers cross for many downloads…

Training Matters

I have recently posted a new article to SDL Tridion World on the importance of Training. Proof, if ever you needed it, that I can write things that makes sense and do not include anything technical… 🙂 You can read the article here

An Incomplete Directory of Open Standards

Just in case you do not think it is complete, Jon Marks has published the
Incomplete Directory of Open Standards“. Awesome stuff…

LINQ to SDL Tridion

My colleague Yoav has posted about LINQ and SDL Tridion… very cool stuff!

Copying files to VMWare Server

Andreas has a nice tip on how to copy files to and from VMWare Server (as drag and drop does not work) Check it here

Lufthansa releases social flight tracking application

In an unusual move for an airline, LUfthansa has released http://myskystatus.com/ which allows you to send automated updates to Twitter/Facebook on where your flight is so that your network can see where you are. The unusual thing about this, imho, is that it is for any airline. I even saw that Yeti Airlines was included.

McDonalds and IBM Lotus Content Management

McDonalds Netherlands uses IBM Lotus Content Management (Identified by the URL) but McDonalds USA does not. No global strategy?

53 #ECM #ERM #E20 and #WCM Blogs to Watch — From Twitter Followers

53 CMS Blogs to watch, I made the list!

Follow Forty Twitter CMS Gurus In Three Clicks

Jon Marks has compiled a list of 40 CMS gurus you can follow on Twitter. I made the list, thanks Jon!

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