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The future of Content Management…

This week Jon Marks posted his list of 40 (now 56) CMS gurus to follow on Twitter, I made the list so now I feel the pressure to say something of genius that will amaze the group. Truth is I have nothing. I have nothing because I am one day from my holiday where my attention can only be brought to thoughts of mountains, dynamic views and scotch. Yes, I am going to Scotland! I hope it won’t rain but hope is always filled with a certain sense of reality – it is Scotland, it is going to rain buckets.

Even before Jon’s post I have been trying to be inspired to write something that I feel passionate enough about to post. I guess I have been too busy to think, net alone get the time to actually post.  However, late last night inspiration hit me and then, after consideration it hit me again! So I put aside the first idea and moved on to the latter one.

It occurred to me that all the CMS gurus are not really discussing. Sure we are partaking in the “global conversation”, blogging and commenting and some of us actually seem to do this for a job. For a discussion you need a topic. Evil genius Kas Thomas managed this, to some extent, with the CMS Vendor Meme but that was too general and too now for what I want to hear. So I have come up with the following challenge.

My challenge is to all the CMS gurus that read or see this post (and by god am I going to try and make sure you read it) is to write a blog post with the title “The Future of Content Management” and start with the line “The future of Content Management is… “. Clearly there is alot of scope in the answer which is of course the idea. Post your answer on your blog and comment on this post with your link. Don’t forget to use the tag in twitter and on your post.

After my holiday I will be checking back on progress. Some of your comments will have to wait until I am back to approve them (sorry), so please be patient.

Hashtag: #CMSFuture
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