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Did someone steal the meme?

“has someone stolen your meme?” was the DM I got last night. I thought about that for a few moments, can someone steal a meme? Surely the idea is a meme has a life of its own?

The CMS twiterarty have had various memes over the last year or so. Evil man Kas Thomas (note, I can’t call him an Evil Genius BTW) started it all with his CMS Vendor Meme, then recently we have had the Laurence Hart’s CMS Origins meme.
Around the end of July I started the Future of Content Management meme which a number of us answered (not all I noticed!). We reached no conclusion and why would we? The future is not so easy to read as all that… so when I saw this my heart skipped a beat. Not only is it not tagged correctly but it does not even mention the original post! So what happened, was it stolen or not?

To be honest I can’t see what came first, but judging by Irina’s post on CMS Wire being the first to mention the summit then I have month lead on that. I even checked the page source of the summit website to see if there was a first published date, but that revealed nothing more than a lack of metatags.

I can imagine that Day wants to discuss the future of content management with its customers, it is a fantastic idea. I don’t agree that Day is it, but their customers bought the software so I think for them it probably is the future. And before anyone mentions it, I don’t think _any_ vendor is the future.

Of course, I do not own the future of content management but it does make you think. I feel a little like the boy in the school yard who just had his lunch money stolen.

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