Warming up to Content Management in 2010

dilbert_futureYesterday I decided it was about time I worked my way into a new year of WCM and the madness that surrounds it. Towards the end of last year my interest in blogging slowed and I had no inspiration to write anything. This year however, I am full of hope so off I went to see what people are predicting for 2010 and the world of WCM. After a bit of reading I decided to highlight some of the things that interested me.

First up, the mighty CMS Watch in the form of Jarrod Gingras’ post on 2010 Technology Predictions. If anyone can do a prediction it should be these guys, right?

CMS Watch prediction #1 “Multi-lingual requirements will rise to the fore”
Good news for SDL Tridion and anyone else the handles Multi-lingual well! “Many firms are now recognizing the need to localize applications and content across cultural and geographic boundaries“, hmmm weren’t firms supposed to have done this in already? But I agree, if they did not do this in 2009 they should do this in 2010. In fact they should have done this in 2008 but lets not split hairs. Factors such as economic crisis as well as growing competition from abroad will all factor and influence this. What is more, these organizations need to invest more heavily in efficient translation.

CMS Watch prediction #2 “Cloud alternatives will become pervasive”
Any talk of the cloud and I think of Jon Marks as in this I agree. And I think the CMS vendors should better read this too before declaring cloud capability. For most large organizations I deal with, this is not an option and I am certainly not a believer in the cloud for my customers. It is nice to think of everything being in a cloud but in reality it is not actually cloud based, it just is not in your network; the two things are not the same.

Next CMS Outlook and Matthew Johnson’s article.

CMS Outlook prediction #1 “Cloud Options”
There is the “c” word again! Both CMS Outlook and CMS Watch both cite economic downturn as the reason for using the cloud as a way of saving costs. If this is going to be the case only CMS Watch gets it right saying that vendors will invest in this area, but only towards the end of the year will customers and implementers actually take up the option of implementing it.

CMS Outlook prediction #2 “WCM + Analytics + Targeting + Testing”
I am looking forward to real advances in this. The technology is there to be integrated but the customers are not up to speed to the fact that they can actually do this, it is our job to teach them. Hopefully, 2010 will indeed see a massive increase in powerful targeting of content.

Next, the personal blog of John Newton.

John Newton prediction #1 “ECM in the developing world”
For some US vendors I feel that the developing world also includes Europe. There are literally tonnes of CMS vendors we have never heard of that operate in the developing world (and the developed for that matter). As their clients outgrow them we will see a move towards larger European and US vendors with their highly developed Content Management applications.

John Newton prediction #2 “CMIS”
I guess I have been talking about this longer and louder than anyone else out there, so you wouldn’t be surprised to see me say I think CMIS will have a significant impact in 2010.” With CMIS coming of age in Spring 2010 it will now be chance for CMS vendors to get their hands dirty and start releasing implementations with CMIS capabilities. How well this will be adopted by vendors remains to be seen, there are often long development cycles to go through before something is in a product. However, there will be allot of widget, plug-ins and extensions to satisfy the RFPs in the meantime.

And finally the personal blog of Stephane Croisier.

Stephane Croisier predicition #1 Standardized CM infrastructure, Content Composites Applications and Content Solutions are the three layers of next generation of CMS”
I like the sound of this but I got confused. As a specialist in infrastructure I am all for standardization of the infrastructure and anything that can be done in 2010 will be great. Standards, even as simple as inbuilt SNMP monitoring or standardized logging, can help massively when implementing large scale implementations. Sadly the infrastructure is often neglected both by vendors and by customers.

Stephane Croisier predicition #2 “The Semantic Web is NOT for 2010 but Semantic Lifting will become hot”
Both CMS Watch and Stephane picked up on this one. We know what we want but not we need a way to find it, show me the internet *I* want to see!

Do you have a nice Content Management 2010 prediction? I would love to hear it…

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