Crockford on Javascript

Last week (just to show how long it takes me to think about posting) I had the pleasure to drop into Yahoo’s Sunnyvale offices to see Douglas Crockford lecture on JavaScript. This was part two in a series of lectures by Yahoo’s senior JavaScript Architect and author.

The lecture was very good (and quite detailed) and free pizza was supplied by Yahoo (hey, I have to have a motivator!). I find it good to watch leaders of (any) industry speak. It helps me understand how I should present in the future when I guest speak (next guest presentation is a few months away). I liked the style, content and even the jokes.

I personally am not a JavaScript developer, although I hacked a few things together in the past. As Crockford remarks, we rarely sit down and learn JavaScript, it is something we just often do because we have to. However, it seems there is much to gain from actually knowing what you are doing (this should not really be a surprise).

You can watch the lecture and the previous one on Yahoo! Theater:

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