MVP weekend 2013

I *think* I have recovered, although I am really not sure.

So what happened? Well, I would say a lot of fun and games at the latest edition of the MVP meet up. It started late for me after I arrived late on Thursday, driven up to the castle at night was awesome but the final walk was a killer  (and also twice the distance it should have been). After an evening of fun, Friday was a day of work and catch up for me. The project I fitted into was the Tridion Context Engine Wrapper (a punchy title, right?). The Wrapper – lets leave it at that, shall we – wraps the new 2013 SP1 context engine with  a set of libraries in .NET (following with Java and TCDL) that can be implemented with SDL Tridion 2013 SP1 and the SDL Tridion Content Engine on a delivery website.

Oh so what does that mean?

Well you can do things like this:

<context:Family Names=”smartphone,tablet” runat=”server”> <div>this content will only display on smartphone or tablets</div> </context>

Which is really good because you conditionally act server side for different types of devices; definitions which you create. Awesome huh?

After Friday building documentation we venture out on Saturday to do lots and lots and lots of things. Way too much to really describe but in short it was: Sour Cherry Schnaps tasting, off roading, visiting a lagoon, a guided tour of the city where we stayed (Obidos) and did I forget anything? Not sure… it was just awesome.


SDL Tridion Whiteboarding: Server Types

Since April I’ve been meaning to get around to this. Over the years I’ve written a lot of blogs and posts on SDL Tridion, but never really explained the infrastructure of SDL Tridion in allot of detail. Normally I do this via a whiteboard at a customer, but perhaps it transfers to video.

Let me know what you think of my first ever real YouTube video. I tried to get this right about 100 times, even though it is just a few minutes long.


Thanks for the warning…

innovate2013The first email of the day that I opened contained this:

“WOAH! Thanks for the warning!! Is that one of the subjects? Or are you doing 45 mins on that one?”

Written by my colleague Ian (@IanTruscott) in reply to a discussion on what our Innovate session was on, I was slightly offended at first. Not least because he seemed to question that anyone could talk for 45 minutes on that topic alone… Stepping back from his laptop at the pure geekiness that he saw in our slides, no doubt Ian spilt his coffee and stepped on the cat (if he had one, which I think he does not. He looks more like the dog type).

But, in a moment of defiance (yes, I am talking it up to make myself feel better), I am proud to be a Tridion geek and one that will present on Friday, together with my colleague Nuno Linhares (@nunolinhares). Forming the final presentation of the the day, the session that separates once willing participants from the bar/plane/hotel bed/dinner, we’ll talk about SDL Tridion, Amazon and Mongo DB all in one 45 minute action pack roller coaster of a presentation. You must see this, even if it is just to see our demonstration fail terribly – I must remember to pray to the demo gods on Friday morning!