New AWS features – September 2016

Occasionally I will share some new features from AWS that sparked my interest and so here in are some new features that I like:

  • Upload AWS Cost & Usage Reports to Redshift and QuickSight (link)  –  increased flexibility and efficiency in generating reports on billing. You could also load in other datasets to Redshift to create reports combining other data such as hour reporting from engineering teams
  • AWS Config Rules is now available in Singapore (link) – AWS Config rules is a way of controlling the configuration of large numbers of servers and now available in more regions
  • Organize Your AWS Resources by Using up to 50 Tags per Resource (link) – it was 10 tags which could have been restricting especially if you use tags to contain metadata to control resources (e.g. startup time), so it makes tagging more flexible
  • Amazon RDS for Oracle introduces a License Included offering for Oracle Standard Edition Two (SE2) (link) – expanded Oracle database types
  • New AWS Application Load Balancer (link) – routing based on URL now gives you more flexibility in how you architect your applications and spread load over different instances

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