SDL Tridion User Group Benelux Q2 2013

SDL walks us through the Customer Journey
SDL walks us through the Customer Journey

On Tuesday the SDL Tridion Benelux User Group had it’s first session in Belgium. Historic Leuven, to be exact, is home to Amplexor who where hosting the event for the evening. The group was small but the discussion was lively and interesting. The opening session was by SDL, walking us through the customer journey in a whiteboard session; the picture slowly building to show the touch points, challenges and opportunities in that customer journey for both the visitor and the organization alike.

Following this session, Davy Moortgat from Amplexor presented SDL Tridion and the mobile web. A good presentation highlighting different approaches to mobile with SDL Tridion. You can find the slides at the bottom of this post.

And finally, what meetup would not be complete with some drinks and networking!

Many thanks to Amplexor for hosting the event, I look forward to many lively and interesting user group meetings in Belgium!


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