SDL Tridion Whiteboarding: Server Types

Since April I’ve been meaning to get around to this. Over the years I’ve written a lot of blogs and posts on SDL Tridion, but never really explained the infrastructure of SDL Tridion in allot of detail. Normally I do this via a whiteboard at a customer, but perhaps it transfers to video.

Let me know what you think of my first ever real YouTube video. I tried to get this right about 100 times, even though it is just a few minutes long.


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  1. Nice! But what’s that dot in the top-left for???

    I’ve been meaning to try instructional videos next as well (more than just screencasts). I’m mainly inspired by Back of the Napkin and especially The Art of Explanation (Papercraft videos).

    I think the hand-drawn (even with a mouse) lines make a better connection to an audience. Do you think paper and pencil might be easier, though? I’m thinking about how cutouts might help as well.

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