Vignette starts round two?

Twitter searches have indicated that Vignette maybe writing a new CMS Vendor Meme for Enterprise CMS Vendors. The tweet from @kirstenpetra reads:

“starting my meme for Enterprise CMS vendors … getting feedback from the gallery … send questions if you like”

I welcome this from Vignette and I would eagerly await a new set of questions. If this is indeed the case, hope the community would enjoy it as much as the last and hopefully the questions will be nice and well balanced. Whilst a large number of CMS vendors have the capability to serve both large and small organisations, the positioning of the vendor is usually to serving either enterprise or smaller organisations. In the case of the latter, the vendor needs to be more open to serve that market. It was a point that Vignette made clear when they posted their response to the last CMS Vendor Meme.

Now if there is a new Meme I can’t wait… and maybe this one will encourage others who did not respond to the last one to respond this time.


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