SDL Tridion 2009

On SDL Tridion’s website they have released information on the upcoming release SDL Tridion 2009. Together with that there are some screenshots of the new interface. Here is one of them, go along to the website to see the rest of the screenshots and read the rest of the information on the new release.

I would be interested to hear thoughts on the new interface. If you want to comment, feel free below.

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  1. As a Tridion user/developer, a couple of new icons and gradients won’t impress me. I’m looking for the firefox capability (promised two years ago from the sales department, of course) and for them to dump that over-bloated activeX model they use and switch to an Ajax based model. One can only hope

  2. What I can see from the (small!) screenshots on SDL Tridion’s website, not very spectacular. New color scheme and some restyled buttons.

    Unfortunately, still a lot of popups and no support for Firefox.

  3. I agree with Ryan and Ron — interface design changes are of little value. Firefox support, however, would be a big plus. I did notice that they list support for .Net 3.5 or Java 1.6 as well as Linux and other Unix variants. I’d like to know more about that, but I suspect the core is still built on .Net and that Windows is still required. Anyone know for sure?

  4. Been using Tridion 2009, whilst the interface does seem a lot neater and the icons look nicer, it hasn’t fixed the two main problems that users have

    1) The speed – Doesn’t seem to be much improvement

    2) Browser support.

    I do see that on the tridion ideas website FF support has 100+ votes, so perhaps this will make it into 2010.

    P.S Great blog Julian!

  5. Everybody seems to talk about interface and FF compatibility, was wondering or the template language is still that lame, and or it’s possible to extend the CMS.

    1. The template language is now C# (or VB if you still need it). You can and always have been able to extend the CMS (event system, templating) but you can also extend the interface too now.

      PS: SiteEdit 2009 now has Safari and Firefox support…

  6. Hey Jules, that’s great to hear, i did some maintenance for the Martinair site, and the vbscripting was a really pain in the ****, our company already did a 2009 implementation for equens, will soon try to find out, or they did like it 🙂

    Oh and really nice blog by the way 🙂

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