How I fell into the trap…

Laurence Hart started another meme, how we all started in the CMS business and it seems to have got popular. I tweeted that I would do something, but my Friday went a bit wrong. Meetings in two different places in the country and allot of driving put pay to writing any posts.

Since I started my Computer Science degree at university I have been building websites. Apart from the mandatory project websites I had “Jules’ f1 Garage” which had the news and results of the F1 races. It was kind of popular and the most popular daily site at the university. From that it led me to which essentially ran an alternative fantasy league for F1 fans where the dirty tricks and misfortunes of drivers were rewarded with copious amounts of points. The site still runs as a blog, but I have not posted there in a while. It is hard to maintain so many online presences at the same time but I would hate to stop it completely. This site got me started with Content Management. Originally the site, which I ran together with a friend, was built out of plain HTML files. Working from two different countries, the change and upload method did not really work out and there were too many mistakes and confusions. So I installed and setup Mambo Server. This ran for a while until I got annoyed at the inflexibility of the whole thing so wrote my own CMS. From my own CMS we were able to link in our page management as well as our fantasy league management. It worked for a long time and is still working just fine.

When I started working, I worked for a Interactive Software who sold data warehousing solutions to BAAN customers. Taken over and sold as ASG Safari the software apparently was Content Management or so the marketers would have you believe. From there I went to an e-Logistic company, called, in the good old days of the dot com. With I managed the infrastructure messing around with Oracle, Weblogic and allot of other web related things. After that I moved to Oracle and worked with 9iAS and 9iAS Portal server, Oracle’s idea of a Content Management system before they purchased Stellent (still misguided by the way).

Once I had managed to get bored enough implementing websites for bus companies and petrol cards I moved to SDL Tridion. I have worked for SDL Tridion for 7 years and started as an Infrastructure Consultant, implementing CMS environments for all SDL Tridion’s customers. I am now a Technical Account Manager looking at every part of the implementation and trying to get the best technical ROI for our customers.

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