Weekend Camping

This weekend I will be going off to camp. When I was a boy, going to camp meant going to Boy Scout Camp or even Butlin’s Holiday Camp. No so this time, this is Product Camp Amsterdam. A camp in Amsterdam sounds, well, kind of interesting and this one of full of Products. Well OK, not products but Product Managers and Marketers. I am neither of those but as I spend an awful lot of my time trying to convince them to change their mind about some product feature or other, I thought I would go to the hornets’ nest, learn more about their ways and maybe even learn how to start a fire without matches – no, wait that was Boy Scout Camp.

The “Unconference” has been Unorganized by a former colleague of mine Mark Schiefelbein and I think it is an awesome idea. So awesome, over 100 other people decided to go along and join in the discussion. In attendance will be a large part of my office and an even larger number of former colleagues. So it will be a chance to catch up with them even if they all start speaking Product Speak and I lose the thread of what is going on.

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