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It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Mostly this is not because I did not want to but because I have just been too busy. I’ve been to Glasgow and Madrid, been unwell and run of my feet with my latest work related project as well as all my regular customers.

I would have said more about what my project was but now that news has reached customers and partners of SDL Tridion and that even bloggers are on the case, I can tell a little more about what I have been doing.

I have been leading a project to renew SDL Tridion’s online community. SDL Tridion World is a revamp of an existing community that never really got going as we would have wished. This time however we are working harder than ever to make the new site a success.

The site’s intention is to deliver knowledge to our extended community and will host a number of partner and customer information but also software downloads and the Building Blocks Exchange. The BBX, as it is known for short, holds the reusable code components that work with R5.3 and which have already proven easy to share. If you follow SDL Tridion you may have seen the Web Analytics Enablers that you can already download from the forums and the rest of the Modular Templates available will be just as useful.

The launch is set of December 2008 and I am very much looking forward to the day when it is online. Progress is great and the future version we have in the planning is even better.  The website address will be, so check regularly for the site going live.

Overview of what you can find on SDL Tridion World:

  • Share and download reusable tools, Modular Templates, scripts, etc. Basically everything that can be a building block.
  • Technical and functional articles/knowledge. Marketing and business related articles will follow as well.
  • Download product brochures and whitepapers. All corporate collateral is there.
  • Easy access to Customer support information like software and documentation downloads, online tickets, forums, etc.
  • See upcoming events for partners, customers and knowledge days. That includes presentation downloads after an event took place.
  • A release section with news, latest releases, roadmap and more.

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  1. Hi Julian,

    It sounds great I can’t wait. To bad I have no .NET templates to share yet. Still need to look into the new functionality. Hope to find some time after the go live of the community that I am working on.


  2. Great that you all can’t wait to see it. It’s live now and sorry for the delay in approving the comments. I was too busy with the launch 🙂

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