SDL Tridion Community Webinar – November 2011

At the recent MVP meeting in Lisbon, where a collection of 11 community members get together to talk about components and schemas from dawn till dusk, I volunteered to run a series of online community webinars.

So in November we’ll see the first of these sessions which we hope to repeat over the course of 2011/2012.

So what is the idea? The idea is that anyone can join in and if desired present on a community organized and driven event. The sessions, covering 10-15 minutes, can cover any topic related to a SDL Tridion (e.g. a recently implemented project, bit a useful template). It can be in demonstration or slide format… or both.

Towards the end of October I will post here on the final format of the sessions but we are looking for community volunteers to present the sessions. Do you want to present something? If so, comment on this post and I will get back to towards the end of October.

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  1. I either owe the community my MVP presentation due to that flight delay; or the MVP and Community Builders owe ME an opportunity to talk!

    Count me in for a 15-minute session on a Tridion 5.3 to 2011 upgrade. I can do slide, recording, or theatrical dance format. 🙂

  2. Workflows are becoming very ‘popular’ lately. I volunteer to present and demo the YAWF (Yet Another Workflow Framework).

  3. November is looking very busy for me so I probably won’t have time to prepare/present something, but keep me informed if you need a filler and we’ll see how to solve that.

    I’ll also try to clear some time in my schedule upfront for the next session for sure…

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