Off to SDL Innovate

This year I am excited to be once again attending the SDL Innovate conference. Held in Santa Clara, California on 5/6 March, this yearly event is a great coming together of customers, employees and industry experts that are connected in some way to SDL.

This year, rather than just attending I will be part of the community panel that will engage and discuss website related matters with anyone who is interested. I do this, I guess, on a daily basis to even those who are not interested so it will be good to do this in such a great session as I hope we are going to have.

Kicking off the session will be CMS community glitterati, Ian Truscott, who will share the future of the SDL Tridion platform. Then we will follow that with a discussion with community panel (Chris Summers, Frank van Puffelen and Nuno Linhares) on pretty much any topic relating to Tridion that the audience wants to raise. Last year I met some really interesting people who had lots of interesting questions and I hope that there will be a similar group with which to discuss Tridion.

If you are a SDL customer and have not yet decided if you want to join the conference, I can strongly encourage you to do so and don’t forget to attend our session! You’ll find us towards the end of the day on Tuesday 6 March.

You can follow the goings on at SDL Innovate via their twitter hashtag.

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  1. How does one qualify to become a glitterati and what does that make you?

    Ooh, an open session? Do I count as “audience?” Let me go find some questions.

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