Vignette posts its Enterprise WCM Vendor Meme

Vignette has posted its reply to the reality checklist for vendors posted on CMS Watch a few weeks back.

When Vignette posted their answer to the reality checklist, they pointed out that maybe it was not really for them. Now the vendors that responded to the last meme as well as those who did not respond now have the chance to answer this set of questions.

You can find the Enterprise WCM Vendor Meme on Vignettes facebook page.

I’ll try and keep track like last time and I am eagerly awaiting a response from Day. I’ll tag all those who responded last time plus a few more: Day Software, SDL Tridion, Autonomy Interwoven, Fatwire, Heartcore, Hippo CMS, Jahia, Magnolia, EPiServer, GX, Midgard, Nuxeo, infopark, KnowledgeTree, Alfresco, GX, CoreMedia, Sitecore, Alterian, OpenText, dotCMS, Autonomy Interwoven, Escenic.

Oh and of course: Meme ID 9c56d0fcf93175d70e1c9b9d188167cf. Find more related pages on Google.

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