aims to do what Twitter can’t

Chelsi Nakano has recently published an article on CMS Wire about For those who have no heard, Twitter is not the only micro-blogging tool out there. I little while back I blogged about Yammer and its advantages to an enterprise and its ability to network groups of people together which ultimately helps knowledge sharing. plans to commercialise micro-blogging much like Yammer but with some distinct differences under the name of Apart from trying to make money where Twitter does not, the main ones I liked where:

  • Possibility of public or private service
  • Your own sub domain e.g. and also the ability to map your own domain on to the same service e.g.
  • Ability to integrate adverts into the site
  • Ability to lightly theme your service – I guess how Twitter allows you
  • Ability to integrate with an LDAP or remote authentication protocols to allow you to use an existing user base

There are more features for you to read about, those just grabbed my interest directly.

The advantage of such a service to an enterprise is that not only can you make a nicer internal micro-blogging service but now you can have an external one to interact with your customers better. Being able to understand either your customer or your employees better is a distinct advantage and one area where more and more services and offerings will be coming online soon. I can see the application for this in organisations where I work, but are these companies ready for such a tool? Typically, those that make the decisions are not who are able to yet grasp this and that does not apply everywhere. Those companies who do want this and see the benefits to gain massively from it.

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